Monday, April 03, 2006

Funny Day!

haha.. well.. today's t-the day.. second monthly test.. what's wrong with our school man.. last year only got 2 monthly tests.. now they increased it.. feel like killing our "beloved" pengetua.. monthly test is a waste of time.. waste the teacher's time also.. well.. back to the monthly test.. today we had our first 3 papers, BM, BI and Moral.. the BM paper is soooo crazy.. within an hour, we must write a karangan and answer 2 komsas questions.. siao la the teacher.. crazy.. gilar.. abnormal.. BI was ok.. Moral was QUITE ok.. but not that ok.. if u get what i mean.. haha.. the whole Moral paper all soalan struktur.. siao wei.. i hantam all the nilai like mad.. crapped out all the penerangans.. haha.. well.. it's over.. so i don't care.. monthly test not important AT ALL.. haha..

ok.. so, there's a new teacher in our school.. her name is Puan Siti blah blah.. i can't/don't bother to remember her name.. haha.. not important.. haha.. well.. she made our tensed up class room funny.. her looks.. super funny.. her pouty lips.. haha.. very funny.. and she's quite old already.. i wonder why she's still working.. wrinkles everywhere on her forehead = she's old.. haha.. ok.. this is what she did in our class today.. she came in to relieve the last period.. that time we were doing our Moral paper.. around 12.35 -12.40pm.. that's when the funny part came.. i finished up my paper that time.. i was looking around the class.. i saw Sindhu smilling n laughing away.. Sutha did the same thing.. i was super blurr that time.. then i saw HER.. she fell asleep.. she was fishing away.. if u get what i mean.. ok.. i know u don't.. u're so slow.. ok.. fishing = her head move 360 degrees.. haha.. ok.. i know some of you still don't get what i mean.. u are just sooo slow.. hahahah... the whole class was laughing like mad fellas.. including me of course.. i couldn't stop laughing.. but not as bad as the laughing thingy during B.I.G (cell group).. hahahah.. all of us were laughing and she didn't realized it.. haha.. the funniest part is when she fell to the left side and then she pretended to pick up something.. but actually she was still sleeping.. hahhaha.. she's such a joker man.. she can win The Best Joker Award for the teacher's category la.. confirm win.. haha.. and one more thing, she's such a clumsy teacher.. keep on dropping her bag only menyebabkan the roller shutter bergegar-gegar dan menghasilkan bunyi.. XD hahahaha.. then she woke up and asked us whether we've finish our papers or not, of course we said no.. like that only got more time to see her sleep mar.. haha.. then she continue back her dream = continue sleeping.. haha.. the funniest thing is Tzi-Li took her test paper and cover her face to laugh.. haha.. then the bell rang.. all of us ran to each other and started talking about her.. haha.. i laughed till i fell down on the floor.. hahaha.. cannot tahan la.. XD hahaha.. so funny.. i hope she'll relieve again for our class tomorrow.. haha.. then can see her fishing again.. hahah.. XD

till then la.. jozilla signing off.. RAWR!!

just keep fishing.. just keep fishing.. lalala~!! hahahah..

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