Sunday, June 27, 2010

I Wanna Be A Toy!

Oh hai! I iz nerdz.

Managed to catch Toy Story 3 last Monday. It was goooooooood! So funny yet touching and I actually cried in the cinema. -.- Of course nobody saw! I coolz. Know how to cover up okeh..

So the other day I dropped by Toys'R'us and the 'Lots-O-Hugging Bear' plushie actually smells of strawberry! Woahhhhhhh! But it's quite smelly actually. I can't imagine how the kids can hug it to sleep. Probably they'll wake up the next day and find themselves looking like a strawberry too! :O

And Karate Kid was awesome! Jaden Smith is so cute. And I actually like the song Justin Bieber sang for this movie. Never say never to Justin Bieber. NOT!

Okay, I need to sleep! 2 more hours and I'll have to wake up for Perhentian Island! Excited!

Okeh bai.


Anonymous said...

honey, i thought u hate Justin Bieber lots, like really alot? haha..
anyway, enjoy your vacation at Perhentian ya.. :)

:: Joanne Ng :: said...

so sad at the part when Andy gives away his toys to Bonnie :( i cried too. hehe

ry said...

I also nangis at that part especially when Andy gave Woody away.
loved the movie!
Have fun at perhentian! :)

btw regina here. stumbled upon your blog!