Sunday, May 16, 2010


Haro peepou.

Baby Lixie is back at last. Repair fee cost me my life. loljk. It's not cheap. When I think about the amount of clothes + bags I can get with that amount, I cry. loljk again. But srsly, it's not cheap.

But guess what? The brother misplaced Lixie's battery. Apparently he said he gave it to me but it's not with me so it's not my fault and I don't care he's gonna dig it out for me or get me a new one. So yeah...

Can't wait to take pictures again!!

Okay, this is random but I feel like going to Cameron Highlands now just to pluck strawberries and eat pancakes. Yong Teng Cafe I miss youuuuuu! No, I'm not joking this time.

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