Friday, March 19, 2010

You and Me.

Couldn't agree anymore with it. Life's nothing but a long tough journey.

It hurts me everytime an arguement breakout. They said one must give and take. Yes, I gave in but would you do the same? Of course you wouldn't. Urgh, life!

How is it possible to make this relationship blossom when the only one you see is you? In your eyes, I ain't good enough for you and you always expect me to be who you want me to be. I doubt that's gonna happen because well, I want to be special. One thing to bear in mind, expectations will never be met perfectly in reality.

I just want you to listen to every single thoughts of mine. Be it silly and random thoughts or even serious deep thoughts. Or even about my future. Can you please listen to me sometimes? I really need an ear.

But well, I'm sure we'll walk on sunshine one day.


yoon said...

who's the you? :)

Kit Meng said...

dont so emo.. lol