Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Is 30th March Todays.

I is so lifeless I watched Glee over and over again. On laptop not listen to the songs then watch. Go back home on StarWorld watches again. Wai mai life not as happening as Glee wan?

Before I starts, today I feel like being a lolcat. So that explains mai beautiful engrish. If you no know who is lolcat, then you is epic fail.

That day I is bored so I took mai LX3 out to play. I plays with the shutter speed but is fail cause I wanted to write mai name in the dark but ended up looking liek some chicken's writing (cakar ayam).

Is fails.

Oh well, I try again next time. At night. Not in my dark dark room.

That day we is romantic. Plays Monopoly Deal in the dark with candles. Is Earth Hour so we very earth friendly. Off lights and fan but on air cond. Faster praise we is very kind to mother nature.

Here you can see Ah Eng's sexy legs, Matthew showing off his deal breaker card but cannot win cause he noob, Peanut trying to be evil but win cause he is evil in Deal, Corin's noob face and Calvin's sexy hands.

Don't ask me why all my pictures dark dark and where is my face. I is the photographer of course no mai face.

Today is fail. I naps after my lab session and I ended up dreaming about toilets cause I no go toilet before sleeping. I panic and kan chiong cause the toilets is weird and I cannot pee peacefully. Then I ended up runnings to toilet again and again. And I met weird people cause they sit inside the toilet garden to chit chat and play card games. Is fail.... No peace until I forces myself to get up to pee in reality. And no, I no wet my bed. Is grown up. No wet bed!

Ok, is tired. I wanna rest my brain. Tomorrow is Wednesday. Yay, I can has Microbio lab. Is can play with microorganisms. *gu chi gu chi* **microorganism laughsss**



Jason said...

what is a toilet garden?? HAHAHA. ur post is fails.

Joanne Lee said...

got a garden in the toilet wan.. very weird! hahahahaha! no fails. i passes!

Jason said...

hahaha..funny thing is.. i actually watched glee all over again also coz sometimes too bored here.