Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Popeyes' mashed potato is the best I've tasted so far. Seriously, it's so good! Now, that's gonna be a MUST whenever I'm in Midvalley. :D Okay, unless I'm broke or something.

Oh so yeah, I had my dinner in Popeyes today at around 6 and there were already a few campers camping there. When I said campers, you guys should understand. C'mon, why so kiasu? At least let those people who wanna dine there sit and eat first la! If I ever own a restaurant, I'll definitely put a sign that says "No camping or you will be fined" outside of my restaurant.

Okay, that's not the whole point of this post. While we were eating or more like three quarter done eating, the waiter came and cleared our stuff. He even nearly cleared my biscuits which are quite obvious I haven't took a bite yet. I find it rude. I know there are many campers waiting for our seat, but at least respect us who are still eating there! We have the rights to sit there as long as we want you know that? And why clear the table when we our butts are still sticking on to the chair? Oh yeah, about the biscuits, at least ask me first before you wanna clear it. Where's your manners dude?

And oh, to potential campers, please please please do not wait in front of the table with your butts facing them. Never ever do that. You'll just ruin their appetite and they'll end up taking longer time to finish their food. Don't even PDA in front of them while waiting. You'll also ruin their appetite and they'll taking even longer time to finish up their food.

I know this post is kinda cheong hei but I just can't stand it!!! (Not the food. I love the food there.)

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