Saturday, June 06, 2009


KTM was crazy today. I was stranded in KL Central for an hour. And with the bunch of kiasu people around you, you can never board the train unless you turn on your kiasu mode as well. Which means you gotta stop lining up and start cutting queue and all those unethical things people do when they are desperate. No, I wasn't and am not desperate!

I just realised that my size 5 shoe made my feet looked small. Not even small. More like tiny. I got a few comments today saying "Woahh, you feet so smalll!". It's not that small actually. LOL. I have broad feet if you noticed. And the bunions! Stupid bones!

Oh, did I tell you that my granny is so cool?

See lah. How sporting! Oh, I forced her to take this picture by the way. LOL. Knew it la. The camwhore blood runs in the family.

You know you are really close to a person when you start telling them stories about when you wanna shit, how you shit, what kind of ways you use to clean up after you shit and all those shitty stuff. LOL. Then you'll start doing all the funny things in front of them. Then you'll start creating cool abbrevations like OS, YS, OL, YL, GS, GL, GY, GG. Well, I know they know can already lah! To Mun Yee and Bee Lay, I LOVE YOU GUYS! MUAXXXXXXX!!

Off to bed, bowling outing with the churchies tmr. It's gonna be legen..wait for it...dary!!!! Forgive me, I'm currently being poisoned by How I Met Your Mother. Like seriously addictive!

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