Sunday, June 07, 2009


People at times are well, pretty people-ish. They love to fire you with questions like "Are you going abroad to study?" or "Hey, where's your current syllabus from?" or some other stuff regarding that.

You see, when you tell people you're gonna study all 3 years here in Malaysia or you don't know where on earth your syllabus is from, they'll give you reactions like "WHAT?!!" like as their boyfs or girlfs caught them cheating on them. You get what I mean right...

The point I'm trying to say here is, who cares where you study or which syllabus you're using, just freaking study alright! And be thankful that you're given the chance to do so when there are so many people out there in the world trying to get hold of a pen and a book. So yeah, if you're complaining that you're gonna spend your whole life here in Malaysia, stop doing so! I'm sure God has a plan for you in Malaysia.

To people who thinks Malaysia sucks and you're planning to get away from here asap, think again. Where on earth can you find bah kut teh, mamaks, pasar malam, teh o ais, limau ais, and the list goes on with more food. :P

Oh to people who felt it after reading this post, no, I wasn't shooting you. Just a random post alright!


Jason said...

i studied all 3 years in malaysia. *high four*

Hoong Lyn said...

support the food part! *droooolsss* =)

Joanne Lee said...

jason: yeah man. high 4!

hoonglyn: yeahhhh, nyam nyam. eh, kampar got any nice food ah?