Friday, May 29, 2009

Week 4.

Time flies. This is the fourth week of my semester. It still feels like I've just started this sem. Well, the feeling is there la. Though I'm learning a lot already from every subject. Gotta start nerding soon. Quizzes are coming up! WHYYYY? :(

Biology lab was pretty interesting yesterday! We got to view few lung samples with the microscope. Awesomeness! Guess what? I took pictures of those slides with my crappy phone. Not bad la. At least it's serving its master well despite the keypad condition. But neh, the master has already mastered the skills to use the phone without the function of the undo button. *Hint: Shortcut button*

A sample of cat lung. Looks like bacon to me. Nom nom nom.

A sample of your lung, people!

Have no idea what animal is this though.

Looks more like pink blood cells to me. Notice the purple spots. They are the white blood cells.

Okay! Enough of Bio lesson!

Ohhhh, did I mentioned that my housemates brought a cat back from the mamak? Now it's living in our house and its name is Coco. Coco is dumb. I don't like it. Probably cause it's not Momo (current imaginary cat and future real cat).

This is Coco with tudung. We call her Siti Coco.

Coco as Choi Ji Woo. Winter Sonata style yo!

PS - My housemates are inconsiderate people! How can they chat and laugh loudly in the dining hall at 2am in the morning! I appreciate my beauty sleep one you know! Pfft. Oh, if you didn't know, my room is just right beside the dining hall cum living room. Buggers!

PPS - I rushed my Java Programming homework this morning thinking that he would check it. But in the end, he didn't! He checked last week's work! Wahlao!

PPPS - So many lab reports! Why can't it be more L4D sessions and less reports to do? :(((

PPPPS - Kucing lada hitam and semut merah jambu. HAHAHAHAHA!

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