Sunday, May 24, 2009

Typical Saturday.

Mom is really harsh at times. Went to Popular bookstore with her just now and I saw this book with the title 'The Art of Communication - With your child' or something like that.

Joanne: Mii, buy this book laaa.
Mom: For what?
Joanne: Read and learn to communicate with me.
Mom: I rather talk to other people.

Thanks alot, Mom. Such a great motivation.

Anyway, I almost got myself a book about cats okay! Really really wanted to get it la but got some other book instead. Not worth the price la. BUT.. I got myself a bottle with kitty prints. HAHAHAHAH!

Bejeweled on Facebook is so addictive but sometimes you can get really frus playing it. 1 minute only ahhh! Kan chiong!

One more month to Redang! Beautiful beach plus crystal clear water, here I come! Just hoping that my midterm or quizzes will not fall on those dates.

Need ideas for Teen Scene Fest flyers and posters. Ideas, ideas, ideas!

How do I get closer to you
When you keep it all on mute
How would I know the right way to love you

Mannequin - Katy Perry

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