Thursday, April 09, 2009


Despite some things I'm going through, I don't seem to feel lonely this week. Well, badminton, friends, library sessions with books and friends and movie outings occupied my week. Well, at least half of my week so far.

I think Confessions of a Shopaholic is good despite some reviews I read somewhere that it's not as good as the book. But then again, which movie is better than its book? Remember Da Vinci Code and P.S I Love You. If you've read the book before the movie, I bet you'll be really dissappointed. Well, how can you ever fit 300 pages of details into a 2 hours movie? Now, let's just hope Angels and Demons is better than Da Vinci Code.

Now I'm having some 'I-wanna-shop-so-badly' feeling. Oh man. Blame the movie! If only money grows on trees.. I'll be the happiest girl on earth. Now, carrying Roxy bags makes me high maintainance (according to Matthew), what if I carry a Coach in the future? Does that mean I'm higher maintaince? When can I be highest maintainance then? Hahahaha! Alright, just wondering laaa.. But right now, I want that gladiator flats from Vincci. I'll be back soon though I just got myself a new pair of sandals few days ago and a pair of ballet flats last week. So much for trying to save for my Lumix fund. Savings never work for me. Never. But I need the camerah!

Some cool diary we found in MPH.

Some random book I'll get for Momo. (Momo - current imaginary cat and future real cat)

Leng luis. :D

Retarded doll with well, a retarded girl. I was trying to imitate it in case you didn't catch it.

Alright then. Till then.
Goodnight people.


Calvin Soo KJ said...

why is there an asterisks at the bottom of your retarded doll....lolz

Jason said...

u look more retarded than the err.. retarded doll. :P

Joanne Lee said...

calvin: EH, i dont know why also. censored maybe? hahahha!

jason: thank you so much. i take that as a compliment.