Saturday, March 07, 2009

Ops H53M.

Date: 2nd March
Time: 1pm - night

Task #1 - Get back to Klang and get a cake

So yeah, I went back to Klang after lunch on Monday. Some adventure I had la! Took the KTM and stopped at Klang station. After that, I walked to the bus station beside my high school, Convent. It's not that near mind you. Then I took the Banting bus to Aeon Bukit Tinggi to get the cake. Yeah, I walked home after that. And it's not THAT near to my house. Near with car, far without car. So yeah.. When I reached home, I was sweating like it's nobody's business. Felt like I've just walked out from the bathroom.

Task #2 - The Surprise

I lighted the candles and hid myself. As she stepped into the house, I walked to her and sang one line of the Happy Birthday song. Yes, one line only. You wanna know why? Cause she interrupted me! "Why are you here? How you came back? No class ah?" She fired me with all those questions la. Seriously wei, at that point I felt like crying. I came back all the way from Cheras, walked to so many places and all I got was scoldings and more scoldings! But I knew she was just covering up. I think she's really happy la! She happy, I also happy. We happi! :D

The birthday cake.

The birthday girl. (yes, girl)

Actually, there are alot of things that I want to tell you all about my mom. About how good she is. About how she scolds me all the time or about how much she sacrificed for me. But I guess I don't have to. Well, as long as I know how much she means to me can already la. Secretive person here kay. I mean me secretive. Mom and I get along quite well la. No generation gap or anything. Just probably sometimes some arguements pop up la. But that's just to spice up our lives. Anyway mom, if you happen to read this, I LOVE YOU! I really do. I'll provide you with the best things in life. I promise. :) (Well actually, the best thing in your life is already here; ME! HAHAHAHAHA)

PS - If you were wondering what's Ops H53M, it simply means Ops Happy 53th Mom.


::joanne ng:: said...

so proud of you, hun! *sniff sniff*

Joanne Lee said...

joanne: thank you hunny! muaxx! :)