Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To A Friend.

It was 12 years ago when I first met you. I remember the phone calls we made to each other almost everyday. Talking nonsense and more nonsense. I still remember how we were besties during Standard 1 with Wei Wern. (I seriously have no idea where's Wei Wern laaa. Chihh, kononnya will keep in touch.) And that friendship lasted up till now.

We had fights in between I know. I still remember our arguement during Standard 6 and we ended up not talking to each other for 3 months! The arguement started because you called me 'crabby' and I didn't like it and I called you 'chicken backside' in return. How silly of us last time. Those we the days man. Those were the days...

And we moved on to high school. Too bad for us we didn't end up in the same class. I was pretty sad that time because I was in 1K and you were in 1A. But hehh, our classes were so near each other! (But if I wasn't in 1K, then I wouldn't have met my lesbo partner, Zu Wern)

Even right now, we aren't in the same college. Yet we're still us. It will still be the same even if you leave to either UK or Aussie to further your studies. Because you're Alison and I'm Joanne.

So yeah..

Happy 18th Birthday, Alison!

My friend. My tai kah jie!

Have a great one! Celebrate it with you soon. :)

PS - Do you know I'm still keeping the birthday card you made for my 8th birthday? HAHA! The best card evahhh!

PPS - 12 years and counting! :)))

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