Friday, February 13, 2009

It's Coming. The New Camera!

I decided to start a fund for my new camera and it will be called the "Joanne's New Camera Fund". No, I'm not gonna do it the Kenny Sia way where I'll shave my head once I've reached the target. I can't bare to lose my hair. Even to cut it short I'll take 10 years to think about it. But I really think I need to cut my hair. It's so long I don't know what to do with it. Okay la, not so long.. But still long kay.

Back to the main topic, the camera! Well, I planning to get the Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3. It's so pretty you just can't stop drooling over it! Seriously! Functions are pretty good too.

Well, Eugene suggested me to get Fujifilm F200EXR instead. That camera's ain't that bad too. Functions are pretty the same. Just that pictures taken with F200EXR has less noise than LX3. In higher ISO la. BUT LX3 SO PRETTY! HAHA! Well, I'll see how la. F200EXR is cheaper than LX3 for sure. It's either one of these two that I'll get. That's why it's named the "Joanne's New Camera Fund" and not "Joanne's LX3 Fund" or the "Joanne's F200EXR Fund".

So yes, any kind hearts who are willing to donate some money to this fund of mine? Well, you'll get to see more pictures of me in my blog in return! ;)

To Eugene: You should just give me your old camera laaa. The one you were using before you got your 50D! I'm sure it's collecting dust at home right? HEHEHEHE! I can help you to undust it you know. :P

And to the pimples on my face: STOP POPPING OUT LA!

Ohhhh, I wanna watch The Curious Case of Benjamin Button! I really wanna watch it!


Jason said...

eugene's camera is 50D. lol.
and i watched benjamin button liao... not so nice also.. quite boring really. it's an interesting concept and storyline la..but.. boring.

~ C h R i S t I n E ~ said...

u got to go and watch the's so damn nice..haha..

Joanne Lee said...

jason: eh, 50d ah? i thought it was 40d cause they both looked the same. lol. really meh? as boring as australia?

christine: okayy. i'm going to watch it soon. :)

Hoong Lyn said...

eh since u planning to get that type/size of camera, i have a model to's a rare Japan brand, Ricoh Caplio GX-200.

Jason said...

yes.. it's boring.. even more boring than australia. australia was better. but hor... got a few super funny mou liew things in benjamin button movie. that's the only consolation..hahah. u want i can give u the dvdrip version. it's in my laptop now.

Joanne Lee said...

hoong lyn: hmm, the specs are around the same la. i think i'll just stick to lx3. it's prettier than ricoh! :P

jason: ehhh, it's not boring at all! i prefer benji button than australia loh. haha. that lighting guy.