Monday, February 02, 2009

No Strings Attached.

I don't know about you all, but sometimes I feel like as if I'm a puppet. A marionette to be exact. Pull a string and I'll be doing this. Pull the other string and I'll be doing that.

It sucks when you're in the "The boss talks and you can't say a single thing back" situation. Well, sometimes I don't mean to talk back but I just wanna correct them. But what do I get in return? Scoldings and harsh remarks. I feel so appreciated.

Ahhhh. Forget it.

I'm back in Cheras again feeling all miserable. Come to think of it, I should get that shirt which says "Alone Again" and wear it every single day when I'm here.

I feel so empty without the TV, PS2 and the Batman game. Looking forward to the end of the week and also the Thaipusam holiday. Yes la. I love horiday on Monday. No Monday blues but there's Tuesday yellows. Okay, that's lame I know.

I learnt something from the Batman game you know. To those who said these kinda games are not educational, you can start thinking about it again and probably you'll change your mind.

A joke I've learnt. Or more like a riddle.

"What's the biggest moth called?"

Go on and take a guess. You can leave your answer in the comment box.
Reward: A packet of Choki-Choki. (Don't complain so much. A packet of Choki-Choki costs RM1 okay..)
Deadline is erm erm... this Thursday la kay. ;) Have fun guessing!


waokolinus said...

Mammoth? lol

Jason said...

lol.. is the answer supposed to be lame?

beathead said...

mmmmmmmmm-monster moth!

Joanne Lee said...

jason: you say leh? :P

::joanne ng:: said...

i feel miserable too when i come back to malacca. i need time to adjust. =/

michelle c said...

I want the choki choki^^. And i think you guys feel miserable because I am not around. HAHAHAHAHA. And i think the answer is mammoth too??

simon said...

behemoth? :D

Joanne Lee said...

joanne: miserable right? sigh. can't wait for another hangout la. i miss you guys so much! i just realized we didn't really camwhore wei. :(

darythlee said...

Aiyo..answer is mammoth..but someone answered i still get choki choki?