Tuesday, February 03, 2009

I'm Lovin' It!

Hai. I'm back again. I better blog it out before the semangat memblog goes away. (Pn Asnah must be proud of me. I'm still using my BM. Aww, I miss her. Funny teacher who loves to smack my butt. LOL!)

Anyway, McDonalds is gonna come out with this McLunch promo starting from 5th February. Medium set of McChicken, McNuggets, Double cheeseburger or Filet-O-Fish for just RM 5.95! Tax not included though. Even with tax it's still worth it what! There's a catch to it though. This promo is only available from 12noon to 3pm. Smart fellas. Who cares? I'll be in McD everytime.

Icanhascheezburger everyday! I can almost envision a fat me. Ahh, happiness!

There's a Computing Essentials test this coming Thursday and I didn't knew about it until yesterday when I read Mun Yee's blog. And you said blog hopping was a waste of time. Hah!

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