Thursday, December 04, 2008

Off I Go.

Put on your hat and sunblock, it's holiday time!

Okaylah, not holiday la. I'm leaving to Port Dickson tomorrow for my church camp! I'm excited. Duhhh. I'm worried at the same time as well la. Finals is gonna start on Tuesday. I don't really care about my Malaysian Studies paper but Physics is.. Err, let's not get there. The rest of the subjects should be alright la. There's still time to nerd for those subjects.

I'm pretty stressed now I guess. Well, I don't feel it but somehow my face is telling me that I'm stressed. There's so many tiny winy pimples on my face. You can actually make an army out of them. Probably I exagerrated 1% but it's really true. Sigh. Thank you, pimples. You made my life so colourful!

Well, don't miss me. I'll be back on Monday! ;) with more camwhore photos

I can't wait for my official holidays. Just 2 more weeks babes. We'll go out after that. :)

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