Monday, December 08, 2008

Back and Going Off Again For War.

Hello, fellow Mantaos and Charsiewpaos.

I'm back. With swollen lips. Okay, not really swollen but more like mini rashes around my lips. What a great souvenir.

The fact is I'm allergic to cold air or in my case, AIR COND! I know you'll say "Which loser is allergic to cold air?". Well, I'm standing right in front of you. Oh, I still can bear with the normal cold air. It's just that I can't stand sleeping with an air cond blowing directly at me. I had the same rashes around my lips when I went to Hong Kong two years back. Feels so uncomfortable and dry. Oh by the way, I don't sleep with air cond. I just can't stand it. Weird I know but hey, I'm doing my part for the environment!

Before that, you tell me which loser hotel/resort doesn't have air cond remote controls in the room? Well, you can only find it in Casa Rachado, PD. The best place ever! The food is great too! My tummy feels so happy eating curry everyday.

Alright, I shall go prepare for my war tomorrow. I need to sharpen my swords and polish my shields. All the best coursemates if you're still online right now!

Before that,

Joanne is HOT! HAHAHAHA! Syok sendiri I know. Oh well.

By the way, babysitting kids is not easy. Especially the hyperactive ones. But I enjoyed it though. :)


Jason said...

i dont sleep with aircond too! awesome

Yew Hong said...

i want air cond~!!! but 14th floor not bad also. at night quite cooling =D Really scare physic and account! I dont wanna retake~~~ Joanne is hot? Get your facts right. xD

Joanne Lee said...

jason: yeah, we're cool people! we don't need air cond!

yewhong: my 5th floor also very cooling already, 14th sure very nice one. :D study hard lo. accounts will be okay wan la. just that physics. @_@ don't worry, you won't need to retake wan. yes, it's correct, k. joanne IS hot.

Jason said...

we're cool ppl... hahaha.. i like that

Anonymous said...

LOL! total lie. itchy.