Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Weekender.

Hello there. The angel from my nightmare.

It's the weekend again! How time flies. Next think you know, it's Christmas and a new new New Year. I've always love Christmas. Not for the present but for the holiday-ish feel. You walk around in malls and you can see beautifully decorated stages and tall colourful Christmas trees. I love them. It'll be better if Malaysia snows. Oh well, it will never happen of course.

Ahh, I do love the weekend. Being back home feels good. At least I can bathe with HOT water and I don't have to worry about what to eat for dinner. Anyway, I've been cooking a lot lately in Cheras. No, it's not maggi or mee sedaap or whatever instant noodles you can get in the supermarkets. It's raw food yo. Just 2 days ago, I cooked my own meal and had 3 dishes all by myself. The food tasted okay lah. Chicken was kinda salty. I didn't know that I had to add sugar. Not until my mom told me about it. I thought it was just salt and pepper all these while. Oh well, it'll taste better next time. I hope.

And yeah, thank you Jolene for going back to Kepong after class on Thursday. Oh, thanks for saying "We'll cook tomorrow" on Wednesday night. Thank you so much. I appreciate it very much you know. So now BF over your good friend, me? Pfft.

I think I've become pretty independent nowadays. Living out and stuff. I had to juggle with my studies and stuff that I need to deal with like my food, laundries, housework, bitchy people in uni who talks bad about me [I bet most of you know who am I referring to. If you don't, you can always ask me], personal life, my walk with God and all these things. I'm getting used to it already la though I still think Cheras is a lifeless place. I still have 42 months here wei. Awesome-ness!

Okay, I think I talked too much. It's so wordy and Alison won't read it because it's wordy. LOL. Okay, bye.

By the way, I just watched Ratatouille on Friday night on Disney Channel. Yeah, I finally watched that movie after 6954960093 years. When was it released again? Last year? I cannot remember. And Madagascar2 is really good. I practically laughed my ass off during the whole movie. Yeah laugh until my mom said "Don't laugh like that can or not?" in an 'I-am-annoyed' tone. HAHA!

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