Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Need To Upgrade My Brain.

Right now, I wish I have the brains for Physics and also the brain capacity to memorize the-oh-so-many formulae. I always ask myself, 'What has Physics gotta do with Food Science anyway?'. Urghhh. Science.

Oh well, tomorrow is only the midterm paper. Not like I'm gonna die if I don't do well. But it's 20%!!!1 Anyway, for the purpose of self-motivation: I'm gonna kill you Physics before you get to touch me. I shall treat and pamper myself with some good meal after the final paper of Physics.

Well, on a much brighter note, my current semester is going to end soon. I have a really longgg holiday. So long that it will only last for 2 weeks. Besides that, church camp is coming soon. At least there's something that I can look forward to. :)


ven said...

Food science you said? Physics got to do with nearly everything. The manufacturing process is all physics, like making the spaghetti the correct length and thickness. Formulating a cordial will require physics to calculate the viscosity too, you don't want your ribena that don't flow.

Joanne Lee said...

ven: woah, you sure do know a lot of things huh? thanks for telling me that. but I just don't enjoy studying Physics. the interest is just not there. but yeah, I still have to face it no matter what huh? can't run away from it. :) what do you do anyway? something related to Science?