Monday, November 10, 2008

My 'Happening' Week.

Week wasn't that bad actually. Just that it's not THAT happening. Okay, wait. It's never been THAT happening anyway. So yeah...

It's Monday again! Sigh, back to uni again. Sunday night feels better without lab reports. I am still suffering from Monday blues though. Urgh, Physics class on Monday. What a great way to start the week. *smacks head*

Anyway, I got the KJGH 10th anniversary photos from Eu-Gene! Here's some of it. :D

The hotties. =]

Even more hotties plus Phoebe the cutie. LOL. I wonder what's with the 'ie' at the back of the word.

Credits: Eu-Gene

And did I mentioned that I'm really in love with Paramore's Decode. I'm sure Alison feels the same. Right? :)

Pet Society is addictive. Yeah, it may sound stupid but once you've played it, you'll love it. It gets boring after awhile though.

Oh yay. It's time to go to bed and dream about Physics.

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