Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Here's a little update. :)

I love this picture. :D
From left: MunYee, BeeLay, Jolene and me.
Credits: MunYee

MunYee and I. I love this picture too.

Lo Lou! Picture of burgers and fries also wanna eat. Give you more Choki Choki la. :P

My score is not that bad eh? Very consistent and the graph plotted will be a constant graph. Goshh.. Okay, ignore that last time.

I've just completed my Physics report and that marks my last report for this semester and the next one too since I'm not taking any Science subject next semester. And thus, no more reports till I'm in Year 1 which is next May? Hooray and I smell a little more time to relax. :)

My mom sends me SMSes everyday reminding me to study when there's still one more month to my finals. Thank you so much, mommy. :) [It's not a sarcastic thank you by the way.]

Anyway, anybody wants to join me for a swim in Cheras? I need to lose the tummy since my ballet teacher screams at me everytime I go for classes. Thank you so much. [Now, this is a sarcastic thank you.]

I'm half dead now. It's time to sleep. Goodnight. :)

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