Monday, October 27, 2008

You're The One.

A really jazzy song. And he's good and oh, check out 'Superhuman' too! Thanks Josiah for the song. :)

Anyway, should I go for my church's family camp? Camp's on the 5th to 8th of December. Finals is gonna start on the 9th. Pathetic wei. Well, I guess I shall just study in camp. Yeah right la. I'll end up doing something else. Oh well, just have to go with the flow.

It feels great meeting up with them again today. Feels so high school-ish except that everyone has changed. And what happened to our 'class trip' to Genting eh? LOL.

Cheryl, Alison, SueYing, Grace.

Picture of the day: The Joannes. :)

By the way, can someone save me from Physics? :(

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