Saturday, September 06, 2008

Pictures That Were Kept For A Very Long Time.

Oh yes, a picture post at last. :D

Taken last year during Sports Day in Stadium Sultan Suleiman. It's edited though.

A picture of myself with the not-so-long hair. Taken last year.

Big bro and I in Langkawi last year. I kinda miss spending time with him. He's such a workaholic nowadays. Such a lifeless guy. Sighh.

HK Disneyland. I miss that place even though the rides were kinda kiddish. Taken in year 2006. Sorry about the heads though. I tried my best to take a nice one without their heads but I failed. LOL.

Ex-convict. :D

Pillow of clouds. Imagine sleeping on them. *imagines*

Camwhore! LOL. Langkawi 2007.

Monyet yang ganas di luar chalet kita. Ganas giler.

Okay, time to sleep. Good night.

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