Tuesday, August 12, 2008

PLKN's website is seriously lousy. Can't they improve their server since the government is so rich? I've been trying to get in the website since evening I think. Lols. Oh well, then don't check la. Then don't need to go even if I kena. :)

Goshh.. The suspense. I'm not nervous. I just wanna know the result. Everyone's been asking "You kena NS?". Sigh. Yeah, even someone called me a wirawati bimbo. And another said "It's your turn to be the chosen one." LOL wei.

And yes, 3 more papers to go. Friday is coming so soon! Saturday too. ;)

PS - James, I is no loosahh! :P

Edit: On the other hand, I created this pantun while chatting with YewHong just now.

Desperate wira and wirawati
Waiting to serve the country
They made the website even slower than an aunty
"Well done!" is all I wanna say to the wira and wirawati

Okay, I can hear you saying "Woah! So lame!" now. Thank you for reading. Goodnight. :)


'wernwernwernwern" said...

yeah yeah, i am the "another" one. lol XD

Joanne Lee said...

wern: ehh, no la. i didn't say it's you also. :)