Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I Izz No Wirawatii.

PLKN apologized to me for the "sad" news. I was so grateful that I wasn't chosen. Thank God. See, ZuWern, I wasn't the chosen one afterall. And James, I am not a wirawati bimbo anymore! Though I kind of like the name. Haha! :P

On the other hand, I think PLKN purposely make their website so sucky so they can untung from our SMSes. Typical way of earning money la. Students' money also wanna cheat! Malaysia boleh it seems. Pfft.

Oh by the way, congrats Alison and SueYing. Not to forget Adrian as well. :P


Kyograne said...

lolz~~ PLKN rock~!!!

Joanne Lee said...

kyograne: haha. but i'm not that lucky enough to be chosen. guess PLKN doesn't want my company there. hah.