Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Teen Scene Fest 2008

Yes, Teen Scene Fest was like a month ago. At least I'm updating about it okay. Heh. Everything turned out well. The P&W. The drama. The media presentation. The sound systems. The lightings. The crowd. And the response was great. All glory goes to God. :)

Teen Scene Fest 2008 - Second Chance

This is so not me. This is Mrs Bonnie Lee.

Mr. Dimples looking happy.

Joel the lost boy.

Colin and his imaginary parachute.

An expression not to be missed.

The future leaders posers.

Youth of KJGH. There's more though.

TS Committees.

Yours truly, Joanne Jun Lee Sun Sun

More pictures please visit Peanut's multiply site.

Thank you. Goodnight. Bye.

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