Saturday, July 12, 2008

Moral assignment's done! Finally just when I thought I can take some time to relax and be a Chemistry and Maths nerd, I just realized that I still have my Biology assignment. Thank you so much lah!

Biology assignment is so beer-ish that I think I'll turn into a drunkard by the end of this assignment. Sounds familiar? Refer to the previous post, you doofus.

Title is Beer Production by the way. And no, it's not so beer-ish as you think it is. It's more like Biology-ish plus Chemistry-ish plus Physic-ish.

Now I wonder why I chose to enter into Science stream. Should have just taken Foundation in Arts right? Oh well....

Went for 'Friends Forever' musical on Thursday night. I've watched the musical before in Glad Tidings Klang. This time is performed by Tough Youth, KL Baptist Church. I personally think that the performance by Glad Tidings was better than Tough Youth's but Tough Youth's great as well.

Moving on to photos, I think my Facebook profile picture is getting really happening. For your information, it's edited lah. But that's me okay. And I know I am hot. Thank you. Dearest Jolene, edited photos are cool.

I think my blog is getting wordier day by day. And the contents are getting shorter and shorter and I'm writing more nonsense day by day. But I think that's great. :)

By the way, I giap my hand with the table in auditorium this afternoon. Now I have this weird looking blood clot on my finger. Looks like a mole from far and it's BUBBLY. No, not that happy fun fun bubbly. Bubbly as in it looks like a bubble lah. Wanna touch it? :P

EDIT: I think my ex-high school, Convent Klang is a doofus. How can they put the 'Majlis Anugerah Cemerlang' on a Wednesday? How dumb can they be? So they are expecting all the college students to skip class just to get the award? Come to think about it, maybe I will. HAHA.