Sunday, July 20, 2008

I Feel So Outdated!

Yes. Really really outdated.

I need to watch so many movies. Yes, NEED.

I need to watch Batman: The Dark Knight like really badly. Everyone seems to be watching it soon or they already watched it. AHHHH. The Dark Knight pressure!!! I'm so miserable now that I'm watching the Dark Knight trailers over and over again. Lifeless I knowww.

Speaking of other movies, I need to watch Hulk, Hellboy 2, Made of Honor, Get Smart, Wanted, Hancock and X-files. Sigh. Why am I so outdated? Well, at least I've watched The Nanny Diaries. I downloaded it though but it's super clear okay.

Bahhh. I shall just sleep miserably tonight. And hopefully I'll get to meet The Joker and Batman in Lalaland tonight.

Goodnight peeps.


Kee_Ken said...

The Dark Knight is just super duper uber awesome man!!

You MUST watch it, it's absolutely mind-blowing and the way that the story takes one dark and terrifying twist after another makes you grip on to your seat like you're in a rocket ready to lift off!

Pressure enough? xD

But still, it's a nice show. Remember to close your mouth during the show, hahaha (^.^)

beathead said...

i feel your misery. :(

Joanne Lee said...

kee: I've watched it already because I can't stand the pressure! zomgosh. it's soooooooo cool wei! so cool that I don't mind watching it again and again. and I think I opened my mouth during the movie. LOL.

pukul kepala: the misery is overrr!! I feel so much better now. hahaha.