Sunday, July 27, 2008

Copa Iba 2008.

Ahhh. What to say. It was fun and tiring at the same time. We didn't win of course. Like duhh. We didn't even practice at all. But it's not all about winning. It's about the people and the joy and the teamwork and the most important thing is that the gospel was shared to every single player on that day. Though the sharing time was a bit kelam-kabut and noisy but I'm sure some seeds were planted on that day. :)

The KJGH team.

And yeah, it was great to play with new people. As in people that I just met them yesterday. Glad to be in the same team as well. Let's play more often okay. You know practice for next year. :P It will never happen I know. LOLs.

And yes, this is me camwhoring. I mean like there was a camera right in front of me. And KJGH was waiting for the next game.. So what else can I do besides camwhoring? :)

I think I shall not play next year. I shall just be KJGH's cheerleader and cheer! Whee?

Lastly, this is the picture of the day.

No, I did not pose for this picture. It was a candid shot. I'm not so much of a poser afterall. :D


beathead said...

yah u din pose. I believe you!

Joanne Lee said...

beathead: i really didn't okay. that was really a candid shot. seriously.. believe meeeeee!!! *watery eyes*

beathead said...

hmm i've nvr seen you watery eyed before. haha. k la i believe you

Joanne Lee said...

beathead: hmm.. wait till i yawn. then you can see. or.... i can always put water in my eyes. hehehe. :P yay! you believe me. hehe.

Jason said...

haha u can believe her... coz i took that shot.