Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Jason, why you didn't bring me to OneU to see Marie Digby? WHY? First Colbie Caillat, now Marie Digby. Why am I missing both of their showcases? WHY? WHYY??? KENAPA? DIM KAI? WEI SE MOH? [Please bear with my PinYin. I am a banana for your information]

Anyway, pasar malam was good. I think I'm gonna go every week. Get more food. Eat more and get fatter. NICE! So.... Pasar malam anyone? [You can always use the excuse to go for pasar malam if you want to see me. Ahem.]

PS - They said 'Orang tamak selalu rugi'. I strongly agree with them.

Joanne! Why you so greedy?!

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