Friday, April 18, 2008

Things Have Feelings.

Just now I was chatting with my buddy, Jason. I don't know how we got to the topic about things having feelings. Ah yes, about my computer of course.

As you all know, I have a PC and I just bought a new laptop recently. I switched on my PC the other day, the monitor was red in colour! Before getting the new laptop, it was just yellow. But now it became red. It's like some kind of warning sign.

Joanne said:
like it is saying "joanne pls throw me away"

- Zenith ™ said:
or "joanne i'm angry u got a new fren now"

Maybe my PC IS angry at me. I guess he's protesting right now. Or maybe he wants my attention. There are times when I feel like as if all these non-living things around me have feelings. Whenever I get myself something new, I'll have this funny feeling. Like as if the old stuffs are trying to tell me something like "Joanne, I hate you. Why did you get yourself a new lappy?" or "Joanne, I hate you. Why did you get a new purse when I, the current purse is still fine?" Weird it may seem but I do get that feeling.

- Zenith ™ said:
if they all come alive one day.. i think u'll have night mares

I don't want nightmares. Especially a PC with scary sharp teeth running after me

Okay. Sorry about that disturbing drawing. I can't draw really well. I can only draw T-Rex that is. So forget about that picture. You get what I'm trying to say? Scary huge PC with big and long and short teeth running after you saying, "I'm coming after you, Joanne!!!!! RAWRRRR!!".

I think I'm imaginning too much but I still think that the things have feelings. You know those autobiography essays we used to write back in our primary school days. Titles like "Aku Sebatang Pen" or "Aku Sekaki Payung", I think they really do have feelings.

So yeah, the moral of the story is appreciate the things that you have. Don't mistreat them even though they're non-living things. They can't scream. They can't shout. But they still have the rights to be treated nicely.

PS - Do you know that I actually talk to my PC? Oh well, if you don't.. Now you do! =]


YewChong said...

HAHA, so funny. &&& Sister's Keeper damn good right? :) my copy is missing, now i cannot re-read it, bahh.

Joanne Lee said...

yewchong: haha. staying at home everyday made my mind go cookoo. yes. sister's keeper is really good. nevermind la. wait for the movie to come out now. haha.

Jason said...

swt u blogged about this and what in the world is that drawing??! LOL

Joanne Lee said...

jason: yah. suddenly feel like blogging it. haha. that drawing in my PC. well, my masterpiece actually. heh.

Jason said...

thats ur masterpiece! i cant imagine how ur lousy drawings are...

Joanne Lee said...

jason: erm. why can't you? it's quite easy to imagine it. LOL.