Wednesday, April 16, 2008


So yeah, the result for the matriculation came out today as in today the 16th of April. When my friend, Sutha sms-ed me to ask for the website the previous day, I was a little bit nervous. Cause you know, I've already paid my registration fees in UCSI and I've also paid 2 months deposite and a month of rent to my future housemate so that he can pay it to the landlord. I was thinking at that moment, what if I get the matriculation I applied for last year? What if God wants me to be there instead? Will I accept it? Or just forfeit it like the JPA interview? Oh well..

Just a few minutes ago, Sutha messaged me again saying that she got it. The matriculation I mean. She got a place in Perak. Yes, I am very happy for her. So.. I decided to check mine. My heart was thumping like it's nobody's business when I typed in my IC Number. I was hoping not to get it actually because IF I get it, I'll have to sit down and think whether to choose UCSI or Matriculation College. So... TADAH!

Click to enlarge. [Yes, I've already censored my IC Number]

"Dukacita dimaklumkan, anda tidak berjaya."

Oh yes, I was very happy at that moment. I'm still happy now okay. =]
So yes, UCSI that is. I know that God has a great plan for me there. I'm looking forward to go there. I want to end my bumming life. Being a bummer is fun at the beginning, but after awhile, the feeling is sucky. But of course I know I'll change my mind about that after college starts.

So yeah. I can sleep happily tonight with no worries. Thank God. =]

Oh by the way, a big congrats to you, Suthashini. I am so proud of you! MUAXX!

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