Wednesday, March 26, 2008

This Is Actually A Very Long Post.

So yeah.. About my laptop, my mom got me a Dell Inspiron 1420. Don't ask me the price because I cannot remember the price. It's around RM 2500 to RM 2600. And oh, it's pink in colour. And no, it's not bimbo, kay. Here's a picture of it. Just so you know, I am not rich okay. It's just that I think I need one since I'll be staying in the hostel when college starts. I don't want to travel everyday la. I think I'll faint if I travel everyday. Cheras isn't near. From Klang that is. And if I don't have a laptop, how am I gonna online every night do my assignments.

Okay, back to the laptop.. It's 14.1". Comes with a web cam. Woohoo! So, webbie anyone? Hard drive is 160GB and RAM is 2GB. It's Vista though. But Vista isn't that bad afterall. Haven't try playing games with it though. Afterall, I've stopped gaming since I-forgotten-when. So yeah, that's all about my laptop.

Now, about my course. I'm taking Food Science and Nutrition in UCSI. Just so you know, UCSI is in Cheras. Still clueless about the place? Here's a map to UCSI. Now that you've got the map, you can come visit me when you are free. [That's only if anyone wants to visit me la. Heh.] Okay. Back to my course, I'll be doing Foundations in Science first. That will take about a year. After that gonna continue with my degree for another 3 years. So, I'll be out working by 21 years old. Heh. Not bad eh?

Maybe you'll be wondering why I chose Food Science and Nutrition. Actually, I don't know why also la. My very first ambition was to be a doctor. Don't ask me why. I think everyone's first ambition was to be a doctor. LOL. After awhile, I gave up. I wanted to be an air stewardess instead. I still want to be one though. BUT.. [Yes, there's a but.] I takut mati...! Scared the plane crashes. AND, if I'm an air stewardess, how am I gonna start a family? Heh. That's hard. Just like those who wants to be a pilot la. It's the same. So yeah, you can scratch that out from my list. Next, I wanted to be computer analyst. I don't know why I was so crazy over this. After awhile, I discovered that computers are actually very boring. So yeah, no more computer analyst for me. After that, I wanted to be a graphic designer. But with my horrible drawing, I can never be one. So yeah, byebye to that. Then I wanted to be a chemical engineer. BUT [Yes, there's another but .] don't know which fella told me that a lot of people are doing that course and it's very hard to get a job. So yeah, I changed my mind la. And I just discovered recently that chemical engineers are still on high demand..!! So, I decided take up pharmacy instead. And again, don't know which smart fella told me that it's hard to get a job if I study that cause a lot of people are doing that course too. And of course, that was not true! Why am I so dumb to trust these people la?
"Joanne!! Why you so dumb?!!!"

So yes, that's how I ended up choosing Food Science. Nobody said a thing about it. Plus it looks interesting because it's about food. I hope I didn't choose the wrong course. Heh.

So yeah, I'm gonna start studying in May. Date? I don't know. I didn't bother to ask. I think they're gonna tell us on the Orientation Day. Heh. =]

I think this is the longest post I've ever wrote since I came back from RBS. LOL.


Jason said...

for me.. as i have already told u before.. it doesnt really matter what course u take (except u really know what kind of job u wanna do next time) coz u just never know how the job demand will be like in 4 years time. So just study whatever you like rather than studying something you hate for few years and sulking about it. haha.

Joanne Lee said...

Jason: nehh. i like food science la. haha. plus, food science is something that has got to do with health. people these days are getting more health concious.. so yeah, food science is good laa. hahah. and and, i like pharmacy but i can't study. you know why? cause the course is RM 80000!!! where got money. ptptn also cannot borrow so much laa. scholarship think so easy get meh.. so yeah, food science la. haha.

mrbherng said...

Graduation at 21? That's very young!!

Anyway, I am doing the said very expensive course in your last comment. We are not enjoying it as much as we like. job prospect can be considered rather ok but there's not job satisfaction at all though.

Anyway, a friend of a friend who did food science is working with some company that deals with food, pig food. =P

Joanne Lee said...

mrbherng: yeah. around 21. maybe slightly later la. heh. yeap. very very young. heh. you're doing pharmacy now? cool. so it's not enjoyable afterall? pig food? HAHAHAHAHA! okay, better not laugh. maybe i'll deal with pig food next time too.