Tuesday, December 25, 2007


I've made my decision. But I'm doubting it right now. Did I make the correct choice? Somehow I'm regretting about it now. But.. It has been made right? Can't change a thing right now.

Forget about that. Time to move on.

Yes.. RBS is just few hours away. I've packed and yes, ready to go. Haha. Time to get serious with God. =] No, I won't cuci mata there lah. Must be serious okay. Haha.

So yeah. Goodbye everyone. Till we meet again on 31st January 2008!

Oh, by the way...
Happy New Year 2008! May the good Lord bless all of you!

Take care, peeps. I'll miss all of you. Muaxxxxx.

PS - I'll post up the pictures I took in Langkawi when I get back lah. Very lazy now. =]

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