Tuesday, December 25, 2007


Ho.. Ho.. Ho..

Blessed Christmas everybody. Christmas indeed is a time to love. A time to give. And a time to share. And the reason for this day is Jesus, who came down to die for us on the cross.

C-hrist gave
H-imself as a
R-eward so that
I-ndividual know the
T-hat He did for
M-ankind to
A-chieve the gift of

And yes, tomorrow is the last day I will spend with you guys before I leave for Residential Bible School or RBS for short. I am looking forward to it but I'm scared at the same time as the surrounding there is different from my life right now. I'm hoping to learn something new there. And to make more friends.

Time flies. Just 1 more day. I'll miss all of you very much. My BFFLs. My buddies. And Sue Jinn, when are you coming back? I have lots of things to tell you. =[

I'm off to watch AVP 2 with my brother tomorrow. Yes, I think I will miss him very much. Even though at times he is very irritating. But he's actually a very good brother. Just that I don't appreciate him only. But I don't think he will read this. So it's okay lah.

So yeah. It's late now. I have to sleep. Have to wake up early tomorrow for church. Till then. Good night, peeps.

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