Wednesday, October 31, 2007


An unknown fella called my house just now. She said "Hello, Lao Pan Liang ar?"
Woah. I felt like I was in cloud 9. Or maybe higher. Cloud 12 probably.
Too bad. I am no Lao Pan Liang. Haha. But.. I might be one in the future right? Maybe she's calling from the future. Maybe she's from Year 2035. Okay. Scratch that. I am imagining too much.

Ohhh. Did I told you guys that my orthodontist said I can consider to remove my braces the next appointment??!! Now I'm in cloud 200 already lah. Plus, 26 November is coming soon. Woahhhh. *Continues imagining*

But wait. That means SPM is getting nearer as well. Sighhh.
So much to study. And SPM is only 9 days. I mean like you study so much just for 9 days of exam. Like very what right. Okay. I don't know what is that what. Never mind.

It's time to NERD yo.
Can you feel the nerdy atmosphere?

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