Friday, July 20, 2007

i've decided!

yeap. i've decided. i'm glad i've finally made the decision.
okay. if i don't get any scholarship, i'm going Form 6. yeap, Form 6.
cheaper. can save more money. you see ar, canteen food or maybe food outside the school is so much cheaper than food in college and also the surroundings lah. plus, if somehow i get into a college near a shopping centre, then mar mati. i sure shop non-stop one wei. the must money mar fly away just like that.
so, you see. can save more money wei. then when you save more money, you can shop happier during the weekend you know. =)
then you see ar, the tuition fees also cheaper ar. can get to enjoy more Sunita's classes and also Prasad's classes ar.
but of course, STPM is way much harder than A-Levels or SAM or bla bla.. but, think about it. i can be smarter wei. can learn more things. then i can show off a bit to my friends who are doing A-Levels that i know more things than them. ok, nolah nolah. i'm not that evil to show off lah. later i say wrong thing then buat malu aje.
okay, enough of crapping. so, anyone want to join me for Form 6? that's only IF i'm going lah. but chances of me going for Form 6 is like 90%. yeah, i'm only expecting 10% for the scholarship part. as if i can get like that lah. my academic also so-so only. my kokurikulum lagi teruk. and some more so many people is applying for it le. aiya, no need to worry so much lah. i'm sure God will make a way for everything. i know He has already planned everything for me. i'll just go along with it. =)

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