Friday, June 22, 2007

this week is totally not my week. sigh. Monday itself i was so unlucky. you know i sat at the stupid bus station for more than 1 freaking hour just to take the Pelabuhan bus to Sunita. stupid bus drivers. i know you all like to have meeting at the kopitiam all lah, but why you chose that particular time to go? you know i waited like a dungu in the bus station and i was so damn hungry because i havent taken my lunch since i planned to eat in Modern. stupid bus driver! by the time i reached Sunita it was already 3pm. babi. i got no time to eat you know. if i'm the Prime Minister, i'll definitely fire you man! but thank you, Zu Wern for worrying about me. i love you so much!

and Wednesday was Hari Koperasi. well, Zu Wern and I planned nicely already to show Step Up on that day. and that babi LCD projector cannot screen it out! bodoh. you know we wasted our time planning all these and in the end tak jadi. it was the most disappointing, depressed, and whatever you can name it time in our lives you know. dungu projectors and laptops.

i'm so fed up now. i don't want to do anything for Canteen Day. i'm sick of canteen days. stupid school. raise fund konon! and kononnyer wanna compete with MGS. please lah. we're not enemies with MGS alrite? we're not as childish as you guys lah. just because MGS advertised their canteen day in the newspapers, you guys also want to advertise it? c'mon lah. don't be so kiasu please. you guys won't benefit if you have that kind of attitude, k.

arghhh! damn frustrated/disappointed/sad/depressed/*insert a noun/verb/adjective* until can die.

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