Friday, May 04, 2007

meta captain ball 07

okay. well, Meta Captain Ball 07 was on 1st of May. ok. our group name was ON FIRE! yeah! we're on fire for GOD! woohoo! unfortunately, we lost. but it's okay. just like what Calvin said, we're give them chance to win. haha. yes Calvin, i agree with you! LOL. i was in the same team with Mei Er, Lee Lian, Calvin, Gavin, Johnathan, Alexander and of course bang Yeow Sheng. haha. but i still love my team lah. we're a strong team you know. but we're just such kind people lah. we gave others chances to win. haha. no matter we're winners or losers, we're all still equal in God's eyes. we're all still his children and He loves all of us equally!

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well. i'm the self proclaimed CHAMPION of Meta Captain Ball 07!

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