Saturday, May 19, 2007

bahh! i cant wait till spm is over!

ah. i can't wait for SPM to finish. not that i'm well prepared for it. but i can't for all the plans after SPM! goshhh. it's only half a year more! and by that time, i'll graduate from secondary school. and and and. i can't wait for the combined assembly camp! and and and for RBS too. and and and for the trip to Langkawi with my family. goshhhh.. so syok wei. that time i can goyang kaki at home everyday wei. so syok. then i shall continue mapling. hmm, or maybe not. haha. AND! the best thing is.. Michelle Moron is coming back in December! woohoo! i can't wait wei! then we can go shopping together gether. go Genting together gether. yes, Genting. the last time i went there was like 7 years ago. i know i very sua ku lah. it's okay. at least i've been to HK Disneyland, k. haha. kla. i shall resume studying! yes. i am studying. see, i'm reading about electrochemistry, k.

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