Thursday, March 01, 2007

hello there, fellow dinosaurs.
did you all miss me? well, i'm back. yeah, back after missing in action for, lets say.. 3 days? sorry lah. i was busy nerding and i didn't have the time to go online. but nevermind, i'm here now. =)

ok, tell you what. something happened in monday. i went to modern after school to have my lunch before going to sunita. ok, so i was eating happily all by myself. ok, it's not that sad afterall when you're eating alone. ok, so suddenly out of nowhere the cashier came to me and said someone paid my bill. oh, okayyyy.. so my unknown groupies paid it for me. well, that's great. i can save 4 bucks. it's nice of you all to pay for me my bill but... must you 3 sit outside the restaurant and spy at me when i'm eating? you know, it's quite freaky when people are watching you while you're eating.

so, if you guys want to be my groupie, pay my bill every week for me lah. then i can save my money. and buy something else. hahas.

alright fellow dinosaur, the pink dino is sleepy.
till then. so long, farwell.......

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