Wednesday, January 03, 2007

new year resolution

ok, since i have nothing to do now, i shall list down all my new year resolution!

1..2..3.. GO!

  1. Do not ever touch MAPLE anymore.
  2. Kurangkan the time i spend in front of the computer
  3. STUDY at least 1 hour a day *ha..ha.. ya rite..*
  4. Do all the homeworks given by teachers in school. *o rly?*
  5. Be a better daughter. eg: do whatever my mom asks me to do.
  6. Be a more faithful follower of God. eg: not neglecting my quiet time.
  7. Kurangkan kai kai with friends *friends only. family still can. if not i cannot go shopping*
  8. Kurangkan mamak with friends
  9. Get 10A1 for SPM *it's possible if i study consistently

i guess that's all lah. too many resolutions also no use cause i don't think i can fulfill it. haha.


Jason said...

"STUDY at least 1 hour a day"....*applause* haha. Sure or not? And what happened to "be a better sister" huh?

JoZilla said...

of course sure lah..
better sister? i dowan.. haha..

Jason said...

terrible... dowan buy u things anymore

JoZilla said...