Thursday, December 07, 2006

a date with my bro

went to 1U on Tuesday. bought a handbag as Christmas present for mommy. went Pets Wonderland. wah, the guppies there super big man..... i want one! saw siberian husky there. so CUTE!! i want one.. *hint - Christmas is coming* saw iguanas there too. i want one toooooo!!!! *hint number 2 - it's only RM 98 and Christmas is coming... ^^*

stupid lah.. upload pictures also cannot. i hate you, mr streamyx. hmmp. go away. i don't want you anymore. ok, i shall leave it like this 1st lah.

i'll be going off for church camp tomorrow. Fraser's Hill here i come..!! will be back on Monday.

fellow dinosaurs, don't miss me yeah? ^^

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