Sunday, November 19, 2006

last day of bulan madu year

last day of school was fun. camwhored the whole day though i didn't bring my camera. but, there's always moron's camera. haha. i tell you, most of the pictures in her camera were my pics. and of course my another sister, zu wern's pics. haha. i brought monopoly but i ended up didn't play. the monopoly mood no more liao. ok, it's picture time~!!!!!!11

Alison the NERD, ME, MORON, Zu Wern and Sue Ying! love ya all.. MUAXXXX.. xoxo.. =)i looked weird in this pic. haha. my hair looks funny. but no matter what, i'm still cute. =)
the Monopoly freaks!
and that's Ashvinni's butt. she sat on Jivitha's super wet bag. wakakakak.. ME, moron and Zu Wern. ^^that's Puan Asnah, our BM teacher. she loves to make us to ketuk ketampi.a view down from my classroom.that's the badminton court Monopoly doggie~!My step sister, Zu Wern and I.. LAF YA!! muaxxxxxxx~!my step sister in her act cute pose!that's my act cute pose but cannot see clearly. =(

ok, my internet connection is getting slower and slower. i shall upload it once it's faster a bit or tomorrow. weee~~~.. i love my fishies.. muaxxx..

let's continue.. ^^

our moronic DAD is torturing us? o.O

ok, i shall continue tomorrow again.. ^^

ok, let's continue..
Zu Wern's "sexy" fingers when everyone is happily playing, Alison the Vice Pres of the NERD CLUB spent her whole day reading The Pearl.Alison is still holding her book.. -__-''Sue Ying, ME, moron and Zu Wernie.. look at my moronic dad and my mom. so loving. haha.. the loving couple.the ping pong pros wannabe. lala~~o.Omoron's specs...

ok.. that's all.. bai bai..

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