Sunday, October 01, 2006

yet another day

i started mapling again.. i know i know.. my exams aren't over yet but i miss mapling so much.. thanks to Michelle who plays everyday even when the exams are on.. later you get bad results cannot get into good school baru tahu ar.. go study lah you..

i just can't concentrate when i'm studying.. something will just distract me from studying for example, maple, msn, music n blogs.. or maybe food.. haha..

now i'm worried about my exam results after seeing Vice Pres of the Nerd Club's marks Alison's marks.. she scored so super high for her Sejarah and Add Maths.. now, she can't deny that she's not a nerd.. i think the President of the Nerd Club's kedudukan is being threathened by Alison.. i shall not reveal the president's name.. it's top secret.. shhh.. let's just hope for the best.. maybe some miracle will happen and i'll end up getting high marks too.. *yah, in your dreams Joanne.. in your dreams* i shall transform myself into a nerd beginning next year.. haha.. maybe i can overthrown Alison's nerdiness.. haha.. but, i don't wish to do that.. haha..

i feel dumber now.. everyone's like getting better results than me.. i feel threathened.. looking back to the past, my zaman kegemilangan, i feel sad now.. my results.. my everything.. haih.. somehow, i looked down on Form 4.. i thought it was as easy as Form 3 but i was wrong and i definitely learned my lesson now.. i shall work harder.. and fight back for my zaman kegemilangan..

was playing with photoshop just now.. and i did this ugly pretty and charming masterpiece.. ahh.. i just love myself so much..


seryoung said...

the other word for loving yourself is narcississm.swt.

JoZilla said...

ooh.. izzit? ahaha..