Sunday, October 08, 2006

Strangers are idiots!

stupid strangers.. stop adding me into ur MSN and ask me for my picture.. i know i'm pretty, but you don't need to see my picture.. what benefits you will get if i show you my picture.. go away, you freaks.. and stop asking me where i live.. as if i will let you come my house if you know where i stay.. stop bugging me you pests freaks..

BEWARE: Joanne is not a friendly girl.. She's very mean.. So WATCH OUT YOU FREAKS OUT THERE!!!

my brother is an idiot too.. is it so hard to pick up the phone and dial to call pizza? haha.. and mom, why must you side that idiot? thanks for blaming me for not calling the pizza.. THANKS ALOT.. I APPRECIATE IT VERY MUCH!!!! i know you hate me, so STOP SCOLDING ME ALL THE TIME.. you're not the only person with feelings.. i HAVE FEELINGS TOO.. stop scolding me.. why must you scold me when i didn't even do anything wrong to you.. you're so bias.. and now it's my problem lah i didn't call the pizza.. i don't wanna eat my problem lah.. is it your problem? i wanna diet your problem is it? just because i didn't call the pizza and you're scolding me like it's nobody's business.. why can't you scold my idiotic brother? why can't you call him to order? why must i order? ahh, i know why.. that idiot is so dumb that he doesn't even knows what is Pizza Hut's phone number when all the leaflets are on the fridge.. argh..


Jason said...

chill la.. just let your brother be.

seryoung said...

imagine how long i tolerated my bro compared to you. God put him on earth to test your patience maybe.