Saturday, October 14, 2006

freedom at last

exams are finally over.. and next week, we'll get back our results.. *Joanne, u'll get lousy and crappy results, don't worry.. haha..* i did very badly again this exam eventhough i studied.. haih.. *there goes your future lah, Joanne* ok.. enough of exams.. thinking back about my papers make me even sadder.. so i shall not talk about it..

ah, i can't wait to go out.. planned to go out this week but everyone is busy.. next week but moron is working.. haiyo, moron ar.. stop working lah.. if not, we go out without u then only u know ar.. haha.. ok, we shall dump you and go out without you.. muahahaha..

  • A day out in Lagoon and Pyramid *since Alison haven't been to Lagoon before.. we shall bring her there*
  • Go Genting with my brother! *since he promised that he'll bring me there*
  • Go holiday
  • Go camp
  • And the most important one, GO SHOPPING!!!!!!!!
  • And last but not least, i shall study during the holidays.. prepare myself for SPM.. *isnt it too early?*
it's so boring now.. i feel like studying now.. i feel like reading something.. somehow maple is boring now.. haih..

oh.. here are Lee Joon Ki's songs.. enjoy..

1 comment:

hoopjunkie said...

Maple IS boring.

Try Pirate King or something else instead...