Thursday, September 28, 2006

yesterday Physics tuition was so PATHETIC.. only 9 people came out of around 40 students.. teenagers nowadays love to ponteng tuition to "study" at home.. ya rite as if they can study at home.. they'll end up watching television or surfing the net..

today's paper was ok.. i studied like a mad fella for Chapter 11 of Maths but end up the paper has no questions on Chapter 10 and 11.. crap! Biology 3 was ok.. i love my RETARDED graph.. haha..

yippie! holiday! we're off for a week due to PMR and our remaining papers are postponed to the next next week.. yippie! so now we have few more papers left..

BM 1
BM 2
BI 1
BI 2
Maths 1
Maths 2
Add Maths 1
Add Maths 2
Biology 1
Biology 2
Biology 3
Chemistry 1
Chemistry 2
Chemistry 3
Physics 1
Physics 2
Physics 3
Sejarah 1
Sejarah 2

means i got 9 more papers to go! wee! i'm lovin' it!


amanda said...

20 over papers.. amamgawshh.. killer man!

JoZilla said...

haha.. yealo.. all the science subjects got 3 papers.. that's why got 20+ papers.. haha..

Jason said...

dont worry amanda..u'll get to 'enjoy' that soon. ;)
and joanne..ganbatte!

JoZilla said...

she needs to 'enjoy' her pmr 1st.. haha..

tyty.. where's my souvenir?

Jason said...

dowan to give u!

JoZilla said...

why? T.T