Friday, September 22, 2006

more info about the casualty

ok.. today's Sejarah 2 and Chemistry 2 and Jap paper wasn't that bad.. i managed to answer my Sejarah essay without memorizing.. ^^ and Chemistry i did a few mistakes especially the calculation part but the essay was easy because i managed to answer it.. haha.. Jap i forgotten a few but managed to get the answers from Moron and Esther.. haha..

ok.. just now on the way to the bus stop, Esther and Yen Shan told me more info about the casualty.. apparently his name is Gopi and he is 21 years old.. he's a citizen of India and he sells flowers in Jln Tengku Kelana.. so, he might have been killed because he hutang-ed tai yi long money or maybe something else lah..

Rest in Peace, Gopi..

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